NXD - Vision & Values

Our vision is to be recognised as the fourth essential advisor to SMEs throughout the UK. We recognise the first three to be accountants, legal advisors and business bankers.

Our values represent the principles we are committed to. They define what we stand for and guide our decisions. We are distinctive and as we grow we want to build on the strengths that make us successful, different and enjoyable to work with. We recognise that living up to our values will help us to achieve this.

Our three values are:

Honesty and Respect

This goes further than good professional standards, it necessitates openness and the application of consistently sound judgement in our clients’ best interests. We treat everyone with respect and courtesy. We are trustworthy and straightforward in everything we do.

Professional Excellence

We believe in maintaining the highest professional standards in all that we do. From the way we present ourselves through to the quality of our industry expertise, service delivery and relationship management. Our aim is for our clients to be delighted with every aspect of their relationship with us, this is how we measure success.

Value for Money

Our focus is unrelentingly about adding value to your business and we only accept work that we believe will fulfill this criteria. 

We then apply all of our experience and expertise to deliver exceptional value for money.

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