Are Office Politics Hurting Your Business

Office Politics Shaping the Direction of your Business

Wherever there is human interaction politics are in action. Therefore “office politics” are inescapable. When we look at what the word politics actually means; (defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as) “Activities aimed at improving someone’s status or increasing power within an organization” then it’s hardly surprising that the political landscape of your organization will have a major impact on the direction your business is going one way or the other.

The dictionary definition put simply is a power struggle of getting “needs” met to achieve a goal. This can be very negative and detrimental to the growth of a business if there is a misuse of power and it’s solely concentrated on the individual’s own needs being met, worse still if this misuse of power is coming from the top of the organization’s hierarchy. Equally, however it can be very positive if the motivation and goals are aligned and beneficial to both individuals and the organization as a whole.

Gaining insight into the distinctive mix of needs of each key individual within the business to optimize your ability to lead, align and collaborate so that your staff and your business are working to their full potential is not a simple task.

Read how Steve Gilbert one of NXD’s Director Leadership and Organisation Development specialists quickly got to grips with the political landscape of a struggling small consulting company and defined the structure needed to support a strategy that would improve board level leadership, team performance, client relationships, revenue and profits.

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