Peter Richards B2B and B2C Software and Technologies Specialist

What is your background?

My background is a two-parter. For the first part, I had 25 years working for large quarterly driven corporate technology companies on the sales side. I started as a salesman and ended up in a senior general management position. The second part of my career came when I left to start my own business. I wrote my first business plan, raised my first capital (6.5 million pounds) and went public within three years. This part of my career proved to be my steepest learning curve (largely through trial and error and heavily weighted toward the latter).  I have been involved in subsequent entrepreneurial projects which I have conceived and executed and still get excited about new, innovative ideas.  My focus and expertise are on the commercial part of the business and I am adept at knowing what works and what doesn’t work so in no particular order these are my good bits:

  • Sales & marketing
  • Funding and finance
  • Leadership, team building and good governance
  • Exit

What was your inspiration for getting involved with SME’s?

I got tired of corporate politics and the lack of passion (and compassion) within the multi-layers of management. I am a strong personality and found that the only way forward was to be my own boss where I could be autonomous and self-determining. I jumped in with both feet, ignored the mortgage payments and school fees started under my own steam. I now get a great deal of satisfaction helping small businesses in getting it right the first time.

Who would your ideal client be?

My ideal client would be an entrepreneurial technology organisation who know what they are good at and more importantly what they are not good at who and are prepared to listen to new voices, plan and execute an evolving strategy.

Who do you admire?

I admire the person who gets knocked down and keeps getting up again. I admire anyone with honesty, humility, passion and integrity who keeps going to the bitter end and beyond. I am an admirer of Winston Churchill, Sam Warburton (British & Irish Lions Captain) and the first lady of civil rights – Rosa Parks.

And, if you had your time again?

In the business world, I would have escaped the corporate world sooner and been self-determining much quicker.  Our window of opportunity is so small and to absorb all the lessons and put them into practice you should start early.

Any advice you would pass onto a start up?

  1. Carpe Deum
  2. Get the best team you can afford
  3. Get the best advice

Lesser known fact about Peter Richards…

I am a Grade 1 Rugby coach, an enthusiastic performer of songs on an acoustic guitar and a devout road cyclist (slow/medium).

For more information on Peter Richards please visit here >>  If you would like to discuss how Peter or any of our NXD Non-Execs may be able to help you with your business then please contact us either by email or phone 01483 212892

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