How to use crowdfunding and make your campaign a roaring success

How to use Crowdfunding Successfully

This is the burning question for many SME’s looking for some much-needed cash to take their business to the next level.  This was also a topic that NXD Member Julian Costley  felt was important to share so he seized the opportunity when he was approached by the HOW TO: ACADEMY to write a book on Crowdfunding to add to HOW TO: collection.  I caught up with Julian earlier in the week and asked the following:

For your copy:

What inspired you to write a book on this topic? 

Well… the truth is I was approached to write the book by John Gordon of the HOW TO: ACADEMY who was working with Pan Macmillan.  But coincidently I had been meaning to somehow capture these last 20 years of investing and raising funds into a guide to help entrepreneurs and those that support them.  There’s an enormous amount of rubbish out there about fundraising, much of it touted by the crowdfunding ‘industry’ itself.  The reality is that successful fundraising is almost entirely to do with building trust.  And I don’t believe that an elevator pitch or even a well-honed presentation alone is going to cut it.  My inspiration to do the book was to simply create a step-by-step guide that has worked for me and many others I’ve help raise money for.   

What experience have you had with Crowdfunding? 

I worked for many companies like Thomson Reuters, France Telecom, BSkyB, and E*TRADE UK in what I now call my grown-up period.  But the last 20 years of investing, raising funds and sharing that know-how with business school students across Europe has been fantastic fun.  And I’ve learned along the way too.  As an investor I must have seen over 500 business plans so I know what catches my eye and on the other side, when I’ve been raising funds, I’ve learned, sometimes the hard way, the little tricks that build that trust and swing sentiment your way.

What makes this book different from all the others?

There are so many great books out there in the market I couldn’t say how different mine is not having read them all.  But many, I know, are full of case studies that inspire but fall short of the detailed practicalities needed for your campaign. I’d also like to think my book is an enjoyably good read rather than a tedious obligation.  And since my advice is broadly timeless, I think the reader will find it valuable and relevant for quite some time.

One day Fundraising Course

NXD have again joined forces with Julian to run a one day course on fundraising. But this time it’s focussed on helping Non-Executive Directors get better at guiding the management of their companies as to how to run a successful campaign. And to add to the skills they can offer to other companies.  For more information on the course >>>



For more information on Julian please visit here >>  If you would like discuss how Julian or any of our NXD Non-Execs may be able to help you with your business then please contact us either by email or phone 01483 212892

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