An Alternative Way to Source a Non-Executive Director


I would imagine that you probably look to your own network to recruit key people to make up your board, or maybe you use a recruitment company. Either way, you have a new alternative if you are looking for a Non-Executive Director or Chairman, one that will provide you with someone that is truly independent and one that is free from those irritating up front placement fees.

NXD is now offering its services to listed companies as well as privately owned companies, and on the same amazing (placement fee free) terms.

Since 2009 NXD has been providing Non-Executive Directors and Chairmen into the SME world. It’s success has seen NXD become a leading provider of such individuals into privately owned businesses of all sizes. For the first time NXD is now making this service available to listed companies also.

NXD has a unique formula:

Firstly it is a membership organisation comprised of current and previous business leaders who are now all committed to helping other businesses achieve their goals and objectives.

Secondly it has established itself as a provider of practical, ‘value adding’ Non-Executive Directors and Chairmen.

Thirdly it places It’s Non-Executives Directors and Chairmen without charging any placement fee, its income comes from other sources including its members.

Whether or not you have a role currently in mind to be filled, we would be very happy to have an initial exploratory conversation to talk about your board development and whether NXD could fit in, so please either email us or call on 01483 212892

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