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By the term non-exec we do not necessarily mean non-executive director, we mean a highly experienced business professional who spends a small amount of time working on an on-going basis to help secure sustainable success for the business concerned. This manifests itself in five core services that NXD now provides which are supported by a growing range of other more specific products and services.

“To bring the benefits of non-execs to the SME world in a big way”
NXD has a very clear fundamental objective in life which has remained constant since its launch in 2009. The objective is “To bring the benefits of non-execs to the SME world in a big way”; we aim to change the way that smaller unlisted companies view non-execs from being ‘an expensive luxury for large companies’ to be a relevant value adding resource relevant to any company’.

The five core services are:

  • Chairman – whether executive or non-executive, the person who leads the board.
  • Independent Non-executive Director – a formal legal appointment to the board of an individual who advises but has no ‘doing’ (executive) role.
  • Board Advisor – similar to an Independent Non-executive Director but without the formal legal appointment to the board.
  • Part-time Executive – whether a formal director or an executive manager, someone with not just advisory but also executive (doing) responsibilities.
  • Investing Director – whether executive or non-executive, someone who has invested money and well as management skills in the business.

Our core services are all designed to bring top quality skills and experience to small businesses made affordable by the relatively small amount of time spent by the individuals concerned.

In addition we have some other very specific services that have been, and continue to be, developed as a result of demand from our existing customer base, these are detailed under Other Services.

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