Welcome to our short eBooks designed to be an easy read and practical guide for small businesses considering getting external help either in the capacity of a non-exec or part-time exec to help achieve their business objectives or aspirations.

Each eBook is a PDF file that you can download to view onscreen or print.


Guide to taking on a Non-Exec

Non-executives aren’t just for big businesses. Small companies with NEDS consistently outperform their counterparts who don’t have one. This ebook explores how appointing a non-exec whose outlook, approach and skills are right for your business can deliver fantastic results and help you take your business where you want it to be.

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The Benefits of a Part-Time Executive

It’s a nonsense to concentrate solely on employing full-time senior executives. Virtually every SME in the UK will have circumstances where a part-time executive would be advantageous. The benefits of using these executives are compelling, not just from a cost point of view but also from a quality, flexibility and risk point of view. What’s more, the practicalities of adopting such a strategy don’t need to be complicated or difficult which means that you can benefit from and grow as a result of the small business help you’re receiving.

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