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Large businesses can afford to have specialists in all the key functions and have broad enough management teams to be able to incorporate people with all the skills necessary to help run the business well. But it’s different for smaller businesses and that’s where NXD comes in.

With over 150 members all committed to helping SMEs achieve their objectives and with a wide range and variety of skills, experiences and connections, we can be confident that in 99% of cases we have someone with the right skills for your business – and on the odd occasion that we don’t, we can quickly and easily use our contact network to identify someone with the niche skills and experience required.

So whether you need someone with a finance background with great experience in mergers and acquisitions; or someone with an HR background who knows all about how to go about recruiting, engaging with and getting the best out of people; or someone with a marketing background who’s ‘slap bang’ up to date with the latest in digital marketing and helping your marketing budget go a long way; or simply someone with great general management experience and a real skill for helping to run businesses, we are certain to be able to put you in touch with people who will be of interest to you.

“And the best bit? We don’t charge anything for helping you find the right person”
And the best bit? We don’t charge anything for helping you find the right person and our members have normally been CEO/MD or equivalent so they know first-hand what it’s like to run a business – we don’t just bring ‘head’ knowledge, we bring ‘heart’ knowledge as well.

But there’s one other factor to consider and that’s personal chemistry – this is perhaps the most difficult of all, but it’s important. In a large business you have to work with people you don’t particularly like, but in a small business you can’t afford to have people you simply don’t get on with. We are fully aware of this and take it into account when we put people forward and whilst not infallible, provided we have some understanding of you and your business we can normally gauge quite well which of our members would fit well and which wouldn’t.

So however standard and normal or niche and unusual your business and circumstances may be, please give us a call we’d love to help and we always love a challenge.  For more information please contact us

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