The Cost of Ageing IT Infrastructure

Is your Ageing IT Infrastructure Holding your Business Back

In this ever-changing fast-paced technological age now is not the time to allow your aging IT infrastructure limit your business from moving forward and ultimately restrict your business growth.

In crowded, competitive markets your IT infrastructure can often be pushed to the bottom of the pile of your list of priorities BUT ignore this at your business’ peril!. SMEs often rely on ad-hoc and reactive IT strategies to get them by – the thought of adopting new systems/technologies to overcome these issues seems like a huge mountain to climb and a lot of organisations take the ‘if it’s not “completely” broke – don’t fix it’. However, it is commonly reported that there is a significant increase in failure rate after just 4 years of IT operation.

The True Cost

Taking a step back and understanding the impact this has on your business both in terms of cost and time, should I believe make rethinking your IT strategy a “no brainer”

Installing anything new takes time and money and can distract you from things that “seemingly” really matter. However, offset both that time and money against time wasted sorting out crashes and system downtime not to mention the impact on your bottom line from your employees decreased productivity levels as they work to resolve IT issues instead of working on the right things to get better results for your business and you quickly come to the realization that working with an aging IT system will end up swallowing up precious time, resources and left to continue, ultimately your business.

In the above slideshare read how Mike Donoghue worked with a business faced with a situation of an aged IT operating infrastructure with ever escalating IT costs and led their IT transformation delivering “immense value”

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