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External Help for an SME

Probably the most difficult part of getting external help on board for an SME is recognising the need for help in the first place – so if you’re reading this you’ve overcome the biggest obstacle already.

Having identified a need, the next stage is to identify what type of help you need and exactly where you need it, this is where we can start to play a part. When an SME first comes to us they know they need help in a general area but little more, so our first job is to work together with them to identify the ‘what’ and ‘where’.

“We have a golden rule in NXD which is that unless we believe that we can add real and significant value we don’t get involved with a company.”
If during this exploratory phase we work out that we are the wrong people to help you and that some other type of support would be better, we will tell you – we have a golden rule in NXD which is that unless we believe that we can add real and significant value we don’t get involved with a company.

Once we have jointly established what type of help and where it is needed the next stage is to provide you with some details of alternative people who can potentially provide the support and add the value, from which a shortlist can be drawn up of people to speak to and meet.

Assuming that one or more of the candidates are suitable, the final stage is to make a decision and negotiate terms. We do not charge any kind of placement fee, the whole process is free of charge and free of obligation until the point that you decide to take someone on at which point you will start to pay the individual whatever you have agreed with them.

Our objective is to be able to help any SME in any sector and in any circumstances anywhere in the UK and Ireland*, the only criteria is that the business concerned must have a genuine ambition to achieve something. Examples of typical circumstances under which business owners/leaders seek our help include:

  • Wanting to grow their business to the next level;
  • Feeling that their business is getting to big for them to manage;
  • A need for funding or better financial management;
  • Facing new challenges that they have no experience of handling before;
  • Finding it difficult to handle all the people related issues and recruit, develop and retain the right staff;
  • A need to prepare the business for sale or succession;
  • A desire to have a high quality, independent sounding board

*Note – we define an SME as any business up to £100m turnover per annum, and whilst our focus is on the SME world in the UK and Ireland, we would not exclude the possibility of working with larger businesses and in other territories. For more information please contact us >>

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