Are you convinced your business has more potential?

But concerned you might not have the right level of expertise to develop the growth of the business. We are now here and ready to help you engage and embrace non-executive directors to strengthen your capability.

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Looking to build the right non-executive portfolio career?

Experience the benefits of becoming a NXD member including the credibility, scalability and referral aspects of being part of a large, exclusive network.


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Running a company is a huge challenge but NXD is here to help. We are dedicated to bringing the benefits of non-executive directors to small and medium sized businesses just like yours.

Together, we identify the help you need and deliver it from our network of experienced business professionals; people who have been there, seen it and done it before.

Why NXD?

  • Whatever challenges you are facing, we have people who have been there and experienced the same. They can therefore help you avoid some of the pitfalls and take advantage of their learning.
  • Our non-executive directors are first and foremost interested in the value they can add to a business and view their fees as a by-product of the value they are adding.
  • We value good old fashioned standards of decency, honour and sticking to our commitments and look for members with those same values and standards.
  • We don’t charge a placement fee and we don’t chase for business.
  • We let our high quality exclusive membership group of experienced business leaders speak for itself.

How can we help?

Board Performance


Do you know how well your board is performing?

Business & Ownership Strategy

Business & Ownership

What does the future of your business look like?

Growth & Expansion

Growth &

Are you looking to grow your business to the next level?



Do you need investment in your business and are you sure you’ve claimed all the “free” money you can?

Financial & Resource Planning

Staff Performance

Do you have difficulty finding, keeping and getting the best out of your staff?

Business Process & Compliance

International Expansion

Are you looking to grow your business by international expansion and maintain a business presence in those countries?