Our objective is to be able to help any SME in any sector and in any circumstances anywhere in the UK and Ireland*, the only criteria is that the business concerned must have a genuine ambition to achieve something. Examples of typical circumstances under which business owners/leaders seek our help include:

  • Wanting to grow their business to the next level;
  • Feeling that their business is getting to big for them to manage;
  • A need for funding or better financial management;
  • Facing new challenges that they have no experience of handling before;
  • Finding it difficult to handle all the people related issues and recruit, develop and retain the right staff;
  • A need to prepare the business for sale or succession;
  • A desire to have a high quality, independent sounding board

And we achieve this by:

Confidential Sounding Board

Being a Confidential Sounding Board

Everybody needs a good “sounding board” that they can talk to about their big business issues in total confidence and without fear it may be used against them at a later date >>>

Being an independent fresh perspective

Being an Independent Fresh Perspective

Whatever size business you are, a non-exec will bring two key benefits that nobody else working in the business can: an independent perspective and a fresh perspective >>>

Helping Executives achieve their goals

Helping the executive achieve their goals

Organisations with non-executive directors consistently outperform those without them.  The expertise that a good non-executive can bring is invaluable to an SME and their owners >>>

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