Being a Confidential Sounding Board


Running a business is incredibly time consuming

It rarely leaves time to address any of these vital but often neglected points:

  • When do you share ideas, talk about your company and seek business advice?
  • Do you concentrate principally on the here and now?
  • Do you struggle to find someone you can discuss important business matters with?
  • Do you make every decision that counts?
  • Do people seldom challenge what you say?
  • When do you get a chance to get away, clear your head and take time to think and plan your business growth strategy?
  • Are you working all the time and rarely ever get away from the business?

You are probably very successful and your achievements are largely down to your hard work. Often however, company owners become both the very success and the limiting factor in their own businesses.

The reality is that nobody can see things from all angles, we all get stuck in our ways, and everybody needs a good “sounding board” that they can talk to about the big issues in their business in total confidence and without fear of something being used against them at a later date. .

Often there isn’t an obvious right or wrong way of doing things but every business owner can benefit from talking things through with the people who understand enough about their business and have the experience and skills to explore, discuss and on occasions, challenge their ways and thoughts.

NXD is a UK wide network which has been set up specifically to provide the benefits of NEDS to small and medium sized businesses. All of our members have substantial commercial experience and our goal is to help business owners and leaders deliver improved financial performance and maximise the value of their business.