Being an Independent Fresh Perspective


Boards are diverse

Whether your business operates with a formal board, a less formal management team or an owner-manager who makes all the key decisions

It’s the high-level decisions which shape the future of your company, business growth and of course, success.

Whether you’re a small business, an SME or a large international corporation, NEDS bring two key benefits that nobody else working in the business can:


  • An independent perspective – a non-executive typically has a portfolio of roles providing business advice for several different companies. The fact that they’re not reliant on any one business allows them to maintain an ‘independent’ status. Perhaps the biggest advantage of this is that your non-executive feels they can tell the business owner/board what they need to hear, even if it’s not easy to say. Very often they are the only voices in the business prepared to do this.
  • A fresh perspective – a non-executive has a unique positioning in the business, they are neither in it, nor outside it – they stand on the ‘rim’. Because NEDS typically provide business advice to various different companies, they never get completely immersed in any one which helps prevent them becoming tunnel-visioned. They are the ones who will ask the silly questions no one else does and they are the ones who will bring in different, fresh and new ideas.

If you’re an SME and would like more information about how you can bring an independent, fresh perspective to your business, please feel free to contact NXD and we will be more than happy to help.