Build your Brand like Branson

Build your Brand like Branson

How to Turn Your Brand into a Sensation

The internet is a big place and offers even bigger opportunities to businesses large and small looking to enhance their brand, product or service.  Some businesses or people, like Richard Branson, for instance just seem to instinctively know the right messages to broadcast and get the timing spot on whilst other bigger businesses with deep pockets and plenty of resources to throw at campaigns are obviously at a huge advantage and a force to be reckoned with.  The competition can become very distracting and the playing field may seem very uneven to a young “inexperienced” business. The internet, which looked like a big opportunity at the outset has suddenly become a daunting place, one where you may even think you don’t belong.

The competition will always be there – those big successful companies were once where you are, and those “overnight” success stories are rarely that – but more often than not the result of years of hard work.  What your competition, you and me all have in common is that we all have to start somewhere – before we can start pushing our message and raising our profile – we have to increase and build our credibility.

Establishing credibility as a person/business won’t ever be achieved overnight and particularly if you’re running an online business – how do you prove you are trustworthy, valuable, real and credible if your presence is only ever virtual.  But there are definite strategies you can put in place to speed things up, here are a few;

Making it personal – a website needs to become the shop-floor, a place where there is a face to a name, so personalise it with your story and make it human

Self-promotion is no recommendation – so get your customers to promote you with testimonials and share them everywhere

I recently spoke to one of our members, Chelsey Baker, an award-winning mentor who specialises in marketing and communications and here’s what she had to say about how SMEs keep up to speed in this digital age…..