Business Experience


How often do you stand back and evaluate the quality of your decisions?

As a business owner or leader, it’s crucial to stand back every once in a while so you can evaluate the quality of decisions and how effectively they’re being made.

This can be very difficult for a CEO/MD to do objectively in their own business which is why many of them periodically engage someone who is independent and experienced in doing such evaluations.

If you have been very senior in the business world, have great skills and experience and want to ‘recycle’ them to help other businesses, please read on.

NXD is an exclusive membership organisation that wants to bring the benefits of non-executive directors to the SME world in a big way. We want to change the way that small businesses view non-execs and help them to realise that the right non-exec isn’t an expensive luxury  purely for businesses that legally have to have them, but can be a massive value-adding element for any small business

Using your skills and experience to help others

Here at NXD, we look for three main attributes in our members:

  • We look for people who have been very senior in the business world. This normally means you will have held the role of CEO or MD in a significant business entity at least once during your career. The actual title of CEO or MD is not the key what is important is that you have had first-hand experience of running a business entity, so if you’ve been a Divisional Director, a Business Unit Director, a CFO or similar you may well have had the kind of experience we are looking for. If in doubt we can talk things through and work out whether your experience qualifies or not – and even if it doesn’t, we have recently added the possibility of joining us as an Associate rather than a Member for people that haven’t had the business leader experience, but have still been very senior and have other valuable attributes and skills.
  • We look for people who are first and foremost interested in the value they can add to a business rather than the fee they can take out of it. We have a golden rule at NXD, unless we can see that we can add real value to a business, we walk away.
  • We look for people with good standards and values. People whose word means something, people who don’t renege on commitments, who treat others with respect and courtesy and are generally decent, honorable and trustworthy in the way they go about their life.

And remember, if you don’t qualify as a Member, please check out our Associates page which we have introduced for people who haven’t had the experience of leading a business.

To find out more about becoming an NXD Member, please feel free to contact us on 01483 212892, email us or request to join on the sidebar