Carola Copland
London & South East
Carola Copland

Carola lived and worked in: Germany, Switzerland and Hungary. She has global working experience, excluding South America, Japan and parts of Asia/Pacific English, German Zurich Insurance, IBM All sectors excl 3rd sector.  Best known: Zurich Insurance, Deutsche Bank, UBS
SPECIALIST SKILLS Core of my work is Organisational efficiency and improvement. Be it through Outsourcing / Offshoring, reorganisation / simplyfication (LEAN and Kaizen) or Automation (RPA, AI). I keep always focus on the people so all of these initiatives should be combined with education, career paths, motivation and communication (change management).
OTHER I have been credited to be a “thought leader” and “subject matter expert”. This is related to the fact that I often ask questions to substantiate assumptions. This comes from my legal background. I have also an inquisitive mind and want to learn and understand, which excludes “don’t ask, just do what you are told” attitude. On some topics I have published quite critical articles whereas I try to come up with alternative suggestions.



Carola Copland
NXD Non-Exec

Carola is a results-driven senior manager, consultant and contracts specialist, with over 12 years experience within a Fortune 50 Global Technology company where she built her reputation as subject matter expert for international services contracts. She has been living and working in various European countries and her expertise spans from pre-sales support up to delivery of multi-country high-value contracts.

Carola has vast experience and a deep understanding of contract negotiation as well as change and transition related to international and offshored services accounts. She has held international management positions in nearly all areas of the service delivery lifecycle.

Carola has also worked at CxO and Global advisory board level where she has proven herself not only in the technical field but also in contract governance and customer relationship management. She recently developed education programmes to set professional standards for the German and the Nordic Outsourcing Associations (GOA and ITOSDA) and has undertaken a shareability and automation study for a major Swiss financial institution.

  • Commercial & Legal
  • Human Resources
  • Business & Financial Services
  • Charities, Social Enterprise & Not for Profit
  • IT, Telecomms & Technology