Or Stumbling From One Challenge to Another

If you were serious about winning any kind of competitive sporting event you would never approach the start line without being physically prepared and focussed on how you were going to outwit your opponent/s. However it is a sad but true fact that many SME owners run their businesses like they are competing in a steeplechase; literally stumbling from one challenge to the next without any time to consider or plan how they’re going to get ahead of the game. But once in stumbling mode the rot has already started to set in and it can be very difficult to change your reactive approach to a proactive one. However experienced external help can make a significant difference to a business that has found itself in this position i.e just living day to day without proper focus.

Focussing The Business on Growth Strategies

Read how John Stapleton, NXD member provided clarity to a young brand struggling to gain traction and confused how to best grow in a very competitive FMCG market sector by focussing the business on growth strategies through two main areas

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