Q: Who is the membership for?

A. It’s for senior business leaders who are coming towards the end of, or indeed have finished, their full time career and are looking to build a portfolio career of non-exec or part-time executive roles, using the skills and experience they have built up over the years.

Q: What are the benefits of joining NXD?

A. The three biggest benefits of joining NXD are: (i) that it allows you a way of presenting yourself to the market under the NXD banner that differentiates you from the masses, gives you a much broader appeal and allows an easier way to sell yourself; (ii) you become part of an exclusive community of like-minded, experienced business leaders, enabling interaction that is both socially and intellectually stimulating; (iii) you can benefit from centrally generated leads for potential roles.

Q:Why should I join NXD as opposed to all the others?

A. For people who value exclusivity, are motivated primarily by the value they can add to a business and have high moral and ethical standards, NXD is a great organisation to join – and unlike some other organisations, we don’t chase you or pressurise you to join us. Indeed, membership is by invite only and we are very selective about who we invite to join us.

Q: How long does it take to become an NXD?

A. There is a process to go through to join NXD which involves submitting your CV and having a telephone conversation with one of our directors; following the telephone conversation, if both parties believe there is merit in exploring further, there is a face to face meeting with one of our directors. A decision will be made shortly thereafter to invite you to join (or otherwise) and it is then for you to decide to accept (or otherwise). If you do join we will give you a page on the NXD website and an NXD email address, put you on a day’s course on being an effective non-exec in the SME world and provide you with Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Q: How can I increase my visibility to attract opportunities?

A. Use your page on the NXD website to promote yourself with papers, blogs, articles and other interesting material about you and your expertise and experience; attend NXD events to make personal contacts; attend other networking events under the NXD banner to allow you to make further useful connections.