International Expansion


Is your business looking to expand abroad?

Making the decision about whether or not to expand your business abroad can be incredibly difficult. On one hand, you’re faced with a higher than normal risk but on the other, if you get it right, you can potentially enjoy very high rewards.

At the moment, the UK is facing volatile exchange rates, changing trade agreements and of course, uncertainly about Brexit. At times like this, the advice we always give businesses is even more important – be careful about expanding into a country you don’t know very well unless you have someone advising you that does.

It’s not just the language barrier that can cause problems. Financial and legal systems are often different and can therefore complicate matters. More importantly, local customs, practices and accepted ways of doing business can only really be learned from practical experience.




If you’re considering internationalising your business either from a sourcing or a sales point of view or are setting up a subsidiary company abroad, we would be very happy to discuss your plans in confidence with no initial cost or obligation.