James Maxfield
London & South East
James Maxfield

Global exposure, worked with cultures in Asia (Japan HQ organisation), ran large teams in India and spent significant time in the US. Currently engaged with a number of organisations around the FinTec space as they explore utilisation of blockchain and digital tools to bring products to market MBA UBS, Lehman Brothers, Nomura Strategic Advisor to Genpact
  • Scaling and maturing a business
  • Improving the bottom line – cost, automation, sourcing
  • Getting governance right – dealing with investors, regulators, boards

James Maxfield
NXD Non-Exec

James is a strategic business leader with a wealth of extensive experience from the financial sector. He has a long track record of successful leadership within different global investment banks over 20 years, which has enabled him to develop a rich and varied skill set

He spent almost at a decade at UBS, where he undertook a variety of infrastructure and corporate roles before moving onto Lehman Brothers to develop a high-growth part of their business. Following the sale of their business to Nomura, he was then responsible for the integration of the merged businesses before moving onto several MD global leadership roles. These spanned running a global organisation of 850 people and a budget of $250m through to global regulatory change programmes

James is now combining these experiences into his own business, where he is providing strategic advisory and solutions consulting to technology firms, BPO providers and financial services firms. Some of his core areas of expertise are as follows:

Governance & Oversight. With extensive experience with C-suite executives, audit and risk committee’s and global regulators, James is well positioned to support organisations getting governance right. Be this dealing with external investors and stakeholders, regulators or simply helping your business mature, he has experience and credibility to help you get this right

Organisational Scaling & Maturity. Whether using outsourcing, automation or partnership with vendors, he will help your organisation grow in a cost effective but controlled manner. Having delivered various successful outcomes in high growth businesses right through to successful exit and wind-down, his organisational expertise can help you evolve

Product Start Up & Growth. Having delivered successful outcomes in global, highly regulated organisations James can use his experience to help navigate growing your business. Having been a customer in these organisations, he understands what is important and what gives credibility to a business looking for new growth

Cost Reduction & Profitability. Whether it is doing the same for less, offboarding a business or integrating a new offering, James has skills and capability to help you manage the bottom line. Impactful cost management can make a lasting contribution to your margins and throughout his career James has been able to deliver significant results in this space

Alongside his practical work experience, James also holds a Bsc in Applied Economics from the University of Plymouth alongside an MBA that he gained from Henley Management College

James lives in a small village in the Essex countryside with his wife Julie and their two children, Vinnie and Maisie.


  • Business Development
  • IT and Technical
  • Operations and Production
  • Business & Financial Services
  • IT, Telecomms & Technology