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Experience the benefits of becoming an NXD member including the credibility, scalability and referral aspects of being part of a large, exclusive network. Let us work with you to help you build the right portfolio career for you

We are always looking for top quality business professionals with past or current experience of managing a significant business entity. This will normally mean you have held the position of Managing Director or CEO for a period of at least two years of a multi-million pound business.

Whether you are still in your senior corporate role or have already moved on – undoubtedly you will still have a lot to offer and more than likely want to continue to participate in the business world. We work with many senior business leaders to help them identify and target the right role that best suits their skill set and experience, and also fits with the lifestyle and work-style they wish to create.

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If you’re a non-executive director and you want to find out more about joining NXD, please feel free to contact us on 01483 212892, email us or you can request to join here.