Juan Carlos Venegas
Northern Ireland

Juan Carlos Venegas
NXD Non-Exec

Juan Carlos Venegas is an experienced accountant, forensic accountant, fraud specialist and finance trainer. He is a freelance Spanish interpreter and translator with the Home Office. He is the founder and director of Fiscal Accounts, an accountancy firm specialised in taxation (UK/Spain), forensic accounting and fraud prevention and detection.

Juan Carlos advises businesses and companies on their performance, profits, growth and strategy implementation, and taxation. He has supported companies in steady and control growth at a level of 150% achieved in the first three years of trading after one of his clients took over another business.

Juan Carlos also provides consultation on fraud prevention, internal controls and compliance delivering training in order to maximise the benefit to companies. He has been active in cases of fraud detection where assets were misappropriated by employees and third parties. He has contributed in cases against some financial institutions where allegations of fraud were raised.

He has also been a guest speaker at International Conferences on Fraud, Internal Controls and Corruption. He is a director of the Internal Control Institute (UK&IRE); and on the board of directors of the Institute of Counter Fraud Specialists

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