Julian Costley
London & South East
Julian Costley


UK, France, Canada Former Qualified Stockbroker French Thompson Reuters, BSKYB, E*Trade, France Telecom British Telecom, Spread Co, Artlyst, Aurora Kendrick James, Logotron
SPECIALIST SKILLS Business Development: Strategy, Product/Service Definition, PR & MARCOMMS, Branding, Design. Chairman/NXD: Accelerating Growth Strategy, Mentoring CEO, High Profile External PR, Financial Control, Governance & Legal. Fundraising: Extensive experience on planning and executing funding campaigns
OTHER Very strong on mentoring (London Business School Course Judge, Mentor & Lecturer). Conducted multiple acquisitions & trade sales.  Very flexible on work location.

Julian Costley
NXD Non-Exec

Julian Costley is an active investor in technology and media companies and serves as a chairman or non-executive director on a number of boards.

He was a Country Manager at Thomson Reuters, then created his own TV channel on BSB (later BSkyB), then held the role of CEO of France Telecom’s Globecast satellite company. After meeting venture capitalist Hermann Hauser in 1998, together they created E*TRADE UK, the UK’s first all-Internet stockbroking firm and effected a trade sale at the height of the dotcom boom.

Since then he has invested in 16 companies and became chairman/NED or adviser to many more focusing on the telecoms, media, financial services, and consumer internet markets in UK, Netherlands, Scandinavia, France, Canada and China.

He is an occasional lecturer/mentor/MBA course judge at London Business School, Said (Oxford University), EDHEC (Nice), UM (Barcelona), Skema Business School (Sophia Antipolis) and Deusto (San Sebastian). Prior public boards on which he has taken a seat have included the British Computer Society education board, and EASDAQ, the European counterpart to NASDAQ, the US equity stock exchange.

Julian now lives back in the UK after 7 years in France. His interests/passions are his four children, design, sailing, tennis, skiing, and opera.

Career Headlines

Created $230m of realised shareholder value
Built 4 companies from start-up
Created 170 jobs
3 successful exits
Invested in 16 companies internationally – evaluated/DD on over 100
Chairman or NED on 23 current/prior boards
Youngest country manager at Reuters
Bid and won – UK gov’t telecoms satellite broadcast license
Created E*TRADE UK – One of the UK’s ‘top 3’ internet stockbrokers
Chaired unique Canadian telecoms enterprise serving Inuit communities
Broke BT satellite services monopoly for France Telecom…then invited by BT onto a subsidiary board to ‘inject some entrepreneurial thinking’
Created first TV channel for the IT industry when at BSB (later BSkyB)
Worked for both Robert Maxwell and Rupert Murdoch and survived
Helped 20+ early stage companies by variously re-writing their business plans, raising funds, recruiting key executives, tuning strategies, mentoring CEOs, designing Option schemes, building brands and managing acquisitions & disposals.
Lectured, mentored or judged student work at London Business School, Oxford University (SAID), EDHEC (France), Skema (France), UM (Spain), Deusto (Spain)

  • Business Development
  • Commercial & Legal
  • Finance
  • IT & Technical
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Advertising, PR & Media
  • Business & Financial Services
  • IT, Telecomms & Technology
  • Retail & Consumer Goods