Mike Wright
London & South East

Mike Wright
NXD Non-Exec

Mike is an International Business Development Specialist with a passion for helping companies grow their businesses at the customer interface.

Mike has a true sales background originally grounded on the high commission traditional face-to-face direct selling model. 25 years on, he has held diverse senior management positions with large US global Corporates; has started and run companies and divisions; created entire international distribution networks; managed & merged sales organisations; developed and implemented branding and web platform strategies; worked hand-in-glove with specialist Product Managers to launch products across the globe and has travelled incessantly to become a true internationalist.

As a member of NXD, Mike is now focusing on providing non-executive services to smaller organisations using his international, sales and marketing, and general management experience. He particularly enjoys helping organisations develop their growth plans through what he refers to as his Five Ps approach: Product, People, Place, Price & Positioning.

  • Business Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Industrial, Chemical & Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining, Forestry & Paper
  • Retail & Consumer Goods