NXD Services

By the term non-exec we do not necessarily mean non-executive director, we mean a highly experienced business professional who spends a small amount of time working on an on-going basis to help secure sustainable success for the business concerned. This manifests itself in four core services that NXD now provides which are supported by a growing range of other more specific products and services.

To bring the benefits of non-execs to the SME world in a big way

NXD has a very clear fundamental objective in life which has remained constant since its launch in 2009. The objective is “To bring the benefits of non-execs to the SME world in a big way”; we aim to change the way that smaller unlisted companies view non-execs from being ‘an expensive luxury for large companies’ to be a relevant value adding resource relevant to any company’.

The four core services are:

Non Executive Director

Non Exec

An incredibly cost-effective way of inputting high quality management into your business and the right non-exec can add tremendous value to any SME >>>

Part Time Executive

Part Time Exec

The beauty of using part-time execs is that you can choose how many hours you want them to dedicate to your business and it therefore doesn’t have to be such a big financial commitment >>>



Are you looking for someone who can provide you with support, guidance and mentoring as well as take some of the leadership responsibilities off your shoulders>>>

Investing Director

Investing Director

An investing director can be a valuable asset to an SME because they provide the management skills and SME advice you need by performing a non-executive or part-time non-exec role>>>