NXD Associates


Introducing Associate Membership

Due to demand from our customer base, we have introduced an Associates level of membership as an alternative to being a full member.

The Associate is for those people who don’t have the first-hand practical experience of running a business but are still wanting to build a portfolio career.

A Value Adding Influence

Typically an NXD Associate will have been very senior in an organisation and be an experienced Director/Head of/VP.  He or she will have a strong functional background and some great skills, experiences and contacts.  As with NXD Members, we still look for Associates who embrace NXD’s Standards and Values and whose outlook and motivation is first and foremost centered on being a value adding influence on the business with which they work.

Opportunites for the NXD Associates

Our reason for introducing the Associate level is simple, we regularly come across customers and potential customers that are looking for someone with very specialist skills or with deep knowledge and experience of a specific function – someone who is a bit closer to the coal face than perhaps our full members.  Rather, therefore, than keep turning such opportunities away, we decided to try and satisfy this demand by introducing the NXD Associate Furthermore, whether you join NXD as a full member or as an associate, your fees entitle you to an ever growing range of benefits in addition to the right to represent yourself under the NXD brand, please see our page on The Benefits

To find out more about becoming an NXD Associate, please feel free to contact us on 01483 212892, email us or request to join on the sidebar