Tony Burton
North West



Tony Burton
NXD Non-Exec

Tony is adept at listening to stakeholders and identifying solutions that reconcile apparently conflicting needs. He has successfully lead the formation and delivery of business unit strategies in the Energy sector. He has also won and delivered major programmes and large EPC projects in this sector. As MD of a business unit in a FTSE 100 company he successfully downsized, diversified and grew the Nuclear Projects business unit. As Project Director, Tony managed the delivery of the second largest gas-fired power station in the UK. In these various roles and as leader of the safety function in a nuclear business, Tony has been (and continues to be) a role model for safety. As well as taking business unit perspectives he enjoys setting-up projects, recovering projects in distress and steering projects. He has covered offshore wind; carbon capture & storage, nuclear clean-up, nuclear new build, gas and coal-fired power stations as well as acquisitions. This breadth of involvement provides Tony with a broad perspective of the Power arena.

More recently Tony has chosen to operate a portfolio career to enable him to deploy his capabilities and experiences as a navigator/mentor. As an NXD non-executive Tony is using his talents to assist and add value to SME’s. Examples of his areas of interest include helping non-nuclear energy businesses to enter the nuclear sector and helping SME’s to move up the supply chain (particularly through forming strategic partnerships).

Tony has worked in China, the Middle East and Sweden. In the main he has been based in the UK.

  • Business Development
  • Operations and Production
  • Construction, Property & Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Utilities & Energy